Shaolin White Crane Kung Fu

Lion Dance is a colourful part of Chinese culture and martial arts. Traditionall, the lion was thought to be sent by the Gods and brings good luck and prosperity wherever it goes. Our center practicesboth the Cantonese Lion and Fukienese Green Lion, each containing unique characteristics. Lion Dance is based on Kung Fu techniques and movements and always tells a story. Our troupe, complete with drums, cymbasl, gong, colourful costumes and flages, can help to make any parade, grand opening and/or festival a resounding success. In the past years, our lion dance troupe had performed many shows, e.g. performances at the CNE, Roy Thompson Hall, Massey Hall, CHIN Picnic, and even at the Rogers Center for Chinese New Year festival. Furthermore, our team had performed for Queen Elizabeth II in 1992; in addition to having performed with super star Jackie Chan in 2001. We have trained with Wold Champion Team Wong Fai Hung Kung Fu School in China as well as being the two times Canadian Grand Champion in Lion Dance.

舞狮是中国民间传统艺术之一。舞狮在中国文化里是代表吉祥,喜庆,幸运,繁昌的。本中心同时训练广东醒狮及福建青狮;它们形状及舞步都有不同的风格。舞狮的技术以及步法大多数是从拳术的技术中演化出来的。本中心的舞狮团配上响亮的锣鼓,出色的服装,无论是在游行,过年过节,还是在新店开场,婚宴喜庆上都为使各种活动生色不少。我们曾经在嘉年华,罗渣士中心,加华视讯,密市加拿大国庆大典上都表演过舞狮。此外在1992年我们曾经为英女王Elizabeth II表演;2001年曾和成龙一起表演。作为2次加拿大舞狮比赛的总冠军,我们曾代表加拿大在中国与世界冠军黄飞鸿功夫学院交流学习。

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