News & Events

Past Events:

2017.06.24 AMMAC 40TH Anniversary & Summer BBQ
2016.08.13 AMMAC Summer BBQ
2016.07.29-31 U.S. International Kung FU Championship Tournament
2016.06.03 Smei-annual Testing 2
2016.05.28 Semi-annual Testing
2016.05.27&28 Carassauga Multicultural Festival
2016.05.21 MACArts Festival
2015.06.13 Pan-Am Kung Fu Festival
2014.11.30 Semi-annual Testing
2014.12.05 Semi-annual testing
2014. 10.18 Canadian Kung Fu Championship
2014.06.21 AMMAC Summer BBQ
2014.01.11 Grandmaster Ngu’s 58th Birthday party
2013.12.14 Annual X’mas Party
2013.11.24 Semi Annual Testing
2013.06.09 &14 Semi Annual Testing
2013.09.14 All Masters Martial Arts Centre 35th Anniversary
2013. 05.24 & 05.25 Carassauga
2013.05.01 Qi Gong Seminar
2013. 01. 12 Grandmaster Ngu’s 57th Birthday Banquet.
2013. 01.04 Ammac Testing.Click here to review results.
2012.12.09 Kung Fu Performance at Fo Guang Shan Temple Mississauga
2012.12.08. Annual X’mas Party
2012.11.23 & 25. Ammac Annual Testing. Click here to review results.
2012. 11.18 St. John Ambulance First Aid Course at All Masters Martial Arts Centre
2012.11.13,15,20, & 22 Wing Chun butterfly swords seminar at All Masters Martial Arts Centre.
2012.10.15-17 4th World Kuo Shu Championship. Click here to review results.
2012.09.29 Canadian Kung Fu Challenge – Masters Martial Arts Open in Mississauga, ON. Adult Grand Champion – Darwin Chan, All Masters Martial Arts Centre
2012.08.Congratulation to Grandmaster Ngu on getting 9th degree Grandmaster in Canada, approved by Wushu Canada.吳家文师傅经全國獎項及段位評審委員會評審頒授名譽九段
2012.08.05-25 China Kung Fu Tour
2012.07.27-29 USKSF Tournament List of Awards
2012.06.24 Tiger Dragon & Kai-Shin Friendship Martial Arts Invitation
2012.06.23 AMMAC Summer BBQ
2012.06.10 Kung Fu Performance at Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Temple.
2012.06.10 “Building Your Career Campaign” Seminar
2012.05.26 Generation Martial Arts Championships in Kitchener, ON. List of Awards
2012.05.25 and 2012.05.27 All Masters Martial Arts Centre Semi-Annual Testing.
Formation of the All Masters Competition Team. Read more.