Biography of Grandmaster Ngu

Grandmaster Augustin Ngu is a highly respected leader and teacher in the martial arts community of North America. His youthful appearance is a result of over three decades of teaching experiences and forty four years of study in Chinese Martial Arts. Originally a student of Shaolin White Crane, his thirst for knowledge led him to master three styles: Shaolin White Crane, Wing Chun, and Northern Shaolin Kung Fu.

At a young age, Grandmaster Ngu began studying Shaolin White Crane Kung Fu under the world renowned Grandmaster Lee Kiang Ker. He opened and nurtured the Concordia University Kung Fu Club when the travled abroad to study Engineering in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Later, he founded the Shaolin White Crane Kung Fu Society in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Both of these clubs remain active and continue to flourish in Montreal. The vital role Grandmaster Ngu played in introducing and developing White Crane Kung Fu in North America is widely recognized.

Grandmaster Ngu’s desire to become an accomplished martial artist led him to continue to train diligently and seek out renowned teachers in various styles. Under the tutelage of Master S.L. Wong and Master Sunny Tang, he attained the Gold Sash Master Level in Wing Chun Kung Fu and studied Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and Cha Chuan under Master Xu Gong-Wei and Niu Wai-Lu of China.

It is this diversity and his ability to relate to students of any age and background that has molded Grandmaster Ngu into such a successful teacher. Grandmaster Ngu is also the founder and the Head Instructor of the All Master Martial Arts Centres. There are nine affiliated clubs within the All Master family in Mississauga, Scarborough, Guelph, Kitchener, Toronto, Hamilton, Cambridge and Sudbury. As a testimony to his abilities as a teacher, the All Master Martial Arts Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada offers three different disciplines. His students are not only successful competitors at tournaments, but they are also well known for their sense of fair play and sportsmanship. Some of his students have competed in world tournaments or have gone on to open their own schools under his guidance.

An ambassador for Chinese Martial Arts worldwide and passionate about his art, Grandmaster Ngu has many credentials. Currently, Grandmaster Ngu holds the Grandmaster 9th degree as conferred by the World Kuo Shu Federation. In addition, he remains the highest ranking White Crane Master in North America. He is President of the Kung Fu Canada Federation, President of the Shaolin White Crane Kung Fu Society of Canada, Certified International Class A Sanshou Judge and for the past twenty three years, the Director of the Canadian Kung Fu Challenge Tournaments. Grandmaster was a Silver Medalist at the World Traditional Wushu Championship in China for hand forms and is a Certified International Class A Sanshou judge under IWUF. In 2003, 2005, 2007, and 2010, he was appointed as a Sanshou judge in the World Wushu Championships. Grandmaster Ngu was appointed as the Head Sanshou Judge at 2005 and 2007 Canadian Wushu National Team Selection Championships, Head Sanshou Judge at 2004 and 2006 Pan-Am Wushu-Kung Fu Championships and Assistant Sanshou Head Judge at 2002, World Wushu Championships Assistant Chief Referee at 2010. Most recently, Grandmaster Ngu has been appointed by the World Sanshou King Championship as the Director to promote Sanshou and organize Sanshou team selections in North America.